Ditch That Diet: Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Ditch That Diet: Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle

There is nothing that gets me more excited than providing women and their families with the education + tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


I want to offer you the chance to take this lifestyle for a spin…


Yep—it’ll cost you less than that quick Whole Foods run for “JUST A FEW THINGS” to start making the transition.


This “Ditch That Diet: Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle” will allow you to buy back your wasted time and begin living a healthy empowered life.  If you are ready to adapt a positive view towards a new lifestyle while eliminating self-hate, doubt, body shame; and build a solid foundation plus learning how to seriously impact your life with amazing flavors and the purest of foods… then this is a MUST.


Don’t waste any more time!


We’re about to rewrite the story that you have been told.


The “Ditch That Diet: Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle” Will Give You


1 - What Is A Plant-Based Lifestyle?: So I am clear up front, I will disclose what it is not. The list is short and simple because, well you have NO time and I get it. Food is medicine, the cure to happiness is right there on your plate. I will explain it all, don’t worry you are not alone.


2 - How Is This “Not” Being A Vegan or Vegetarian?: The definition that will give you clarity on how to adapt these tips to your everyday life. You will have more clarity + direction on how to move forward.


3 - What Really Makes A Plant-Based Lifestyle Better?: Examples on how to obtain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients that will give you extra healing benefits and leveling up your health. The days of living life in a better mood are just around the corner.


4 - The Plant-Based Lifestyle: Do’s and Don’ts (and ultimate no-no’s): Although, I don’t like to hear the word NO, a loose guide will be provided to give you an idea on how to navigate this new lifestyle. Remember, you are the boss and you choose to add or subtract the things that work best for you.


5 - Introducing you to the Plant-Based Revolution!  You will find that this is not a cookie cutter lifestyle, know how to satisfy your desires and pleasures that will allow you to be authentic to who you really are.

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