Go Plant-Based in 28-Days

Go Plant-Based in 28-Days

You’ve are contemplating a lifestyle shift and you’ve heard all the BUZZ around being “Vegan”, “Plant-Based”, “Raw” and so many other diets, which have led you here. I get it, you are ready for something different! I want to share with you why I am so passionate and I am confident these resources will get you on track, there are no other resources that encompass Mind, Body and Spirit when it comes to wellness. A quick personal back story. About 8 years ago after all the tried and tested diets and meal plans, I heard that if I became vegan I would lose weight, I’ll be happy and angels would sing. What I also earned that sugar is vegan. After eliminating all the meat out of my freezer and loading up with meat substitutes I thought, well this should do it. I mean how hard can it be, right? I mean there are plenty of vegan/vegetarian options available:

  • Tofurky, check!
  • Chick’n strips, smashed ‘em!
  • Boca Burgers, didn’t stand a chance!

Newsflash, I gained weight and…my hair started failing out?! Huge bald spot on my head, my hair was falling out in chunks and my body was covered in a painful rash. And… this is why I created these products and why I am passionate about helping others live a better way!  Everything you need to get started is all in this package.


✔️ {Digital Cookbook} For Plants Sake! 21-Days To A Plant-Based Lifestyle ( Includes 36 Recipes + Shopping List)

**Here are a few sample meals you will be preparing; Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie, Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes, Veggie Spring Rolls and a delicious Avocado Chocolate Pudding to name a few.

✔️ 7- Day Meal Plan (21) Recipes

✔️ Ditch That Diet E-Book

✔️ (8) Boot Camp Weekly Modules With Action Items + Handouts

(i.e. Gut Health & Digestion/Cravings & Hormones/ Eating Healthy With Busy Lives

✔️ The Importance of Water: Keeping The Body in a Hydrated State 

✔️ 7-Day Digital Journal with Thought Provoking Questions 

✔️ Plant-Based Protein/Calcium Charts 

✔️ Plant-Based Myths Debunked 


(3) Healthy Desserts Recipes
Sample Grocery List

➡ Culturally Inspired Spice Combination Chart 

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