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Our mission is to support women establish a sustainable lifestyle by eating plant-based nutrient-dense foods without having to fall victim to the “diet” marketing strategy targeting women.  We are redefining health through a mind, body and spirit approach, helping break the shackles of the systemic psychological limitations society has placed on women that is causing doubt, pain and lack of self-worth.  A “whole-listic’ approach that goes beyond food, allowing each client to have creative control of their lifestyle plan while achieving lifetime results.


$50k+ In Diets, Doctors, Surgery, Injections And Pills To Help Me Love Myself A Little More, I Needed To Be Bold In My Decision To Reclaim My Power That I Lost Somewhere Along The Years

The Role Food Has Played In My Life

Eva McLaurin’s life-long passion for health and wellness has led her on travels to Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Bahamas in a quest to understand Eastern Medicine and how it differs from the healthcare system in the United States.  She has tirelessly devoted the last five years of her life researching food, and the role it plays in her life and the lives of her clients.  She is an executive chef and culinary healer and uncovered the correlation between plant-based food and spirituality which led her to study plant medicine and healing of the body from the inside out.  By leveraging her own experiences and lessons learned she uncovered a third vital point as part of her practice.  Eva is a certified Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner using the healing concepts based on a practice in Eastern medicine for over 5,000 years where she uses the body’s energy meridian points by tapping, clients use their own energy and healing power to overcome their limiting beliefs around health and wellness.

She is the proud Owner/Co-Founder of Eva McLaurin formally known as Epicurean Element LLC, an award-winning Personal Chef Service which was founded in 2014.  Epicurean Element’s culinary offerings improved the lives of countless families as evident by being the #1 Personal Chef Service in Northern Virginia and “The Best of 2015 & 2016” by Yelp and Thumbtack, respectively.  As a highlighted Chef and Wellness Lifestyle Expert she has also been spotlighted in The Huffington Post, Arlington Magazine and William-Sonoma to name a few.  Eva’s passion for health and food led her to promote a plant-based lifestyle to all C-Level clients and surrounding communities.  To aid in some of her client’s request to reduce meat consumption and eat more plants, she authored the book titled. “Ditch that Diet: Embrace a Plant-Based Lifestyle” to guide them to thrive in their lifestyle goals.  Most of her personal chef and consulting clients are CEO’s and Executives needing a sustainable solution to healthy living.

Disease prevention and nutrient-dense foods are and will continue to be her life’s mission to help lead change towards a healthier and sustainable future.  Her inward journey has led her to a greater mission, to impact the lives of women around the world by providing a platform to coach women break the shackles of the systemic psychological limitations society has placed.  Through the Wellness and Lifestyle coaching program it allows her clients to receive support, guidance and accountability to learn how to embrace life in a whole-listic manner.


“Food is never neutral. Every bite of food has an effect on the body, either creating damage or promoting optimal function and healing. Bite by bite, at each meal, you are determining your future health.”

Scott Stoll, MD & Co-Founder of The Plantrician Project

Toasted Coconut Kale Salad