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Eva McLaurin’s life-long passion for health and wellness has led her on travels to Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Bahamas in a quest to understand Eastern Medicine and how it differs from the healthcare system in the United States.  She has tirelessly devoted the last five years of her life researching food, and the role it plays in her life and the lives of her clients.  She is an executive chef and culinary healer and uncovered the correlation between plant-based food and spirituality which led her to study plant medicine and healing of the body from the inside out.  By leveraging her own experiences and lessons learned she uncovered a third vital point as part of her practice.  Eva is a certified Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner using the healing concepts based on a practice in Eastern medicine for over 5,000 years where she uses the body’s energy meridian points by tapping, clients use their own energy and healing power to overcome their limiting beliefs around health and wellness.

Eva McLaurin
Eva McLaurin
Eva McLaurin
Eva McLaurin
Eva McLaurin
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✔️Mind Clarity + Confidence
✔️Heal Your Relationship With Food
✔️Learn Sustainable Lifestyle Habits
✔️Done For You 30-Day Meal Plan


✔️Achieve Overall Inner Calm
✔️Develop A Weight Release Strategy 
✔️Improve Gut Health + Digestion
✔️Tailored Done For You 9- Week Meal Plan


✔️VIP Exclusive In-Person Support
✔️Lower Your Risk of Chronic Dis·ease
✔️Build Confidence In The Kitchen With A Professional Chef Cooking Class
✔️Learn How to Use Food To Live A  "Whole-Listic" Life
✔️Chef Approved Done For You 12-  Week Meal Plan



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Caroline Benzing

"Eva's real life recipes & guidance has been incredibly impactful on my life. She helped me look at my own emotional tug of war with food as something I can approach with love and understanding for myself, leading me to make better choices not just about my physical health but mental and emotional which has leas to long term success.  Looking at food as nourishment for my entire being has been eye opening and I’m truly grateful for Eva's openness and relatable experience she shares with passion and dedication.  The recipes are super accessible, affordable, and not intimidating.  Roaming the farmer’s market with these recipes in mind has made my Saturday mornings that much more special."

Tanya L.

"I hired Chef Eva and Epicurean Elements to help me try to jump start my health by doing a vegetable and fruit juice fast.  Eva was fantastic as she understood immediately what I was trying to do.  On her initial visit she took the time with me to talk about my goals.  She is really passionate about food and helping people improve their health through healthy eating.  She is super organized and efficient.  She did all of the grocery shopping and then the preparation.  In dealing with health issues that affects my energy it has been such a huge help to have fresh juices in the fridge that are tasty and ready to go.  I plan to continue to work with Eva to continue my health journey toward a vegetarian/vegan meal plan.  Eva's willingness to work with you and your goals and likes and dislikes really gets the heart of what it means to work with a personal chef."

Doreen A.

"I am so thankful for Eva! For the last year I struggled with time management and finding time to work on personal goals such as fitness and business endeavors. I spent so much time and money shopping and making my meals daily. When I met Eva, we came to the conclusion that time management wasn't my issue it was food. Eva shined a bright light down a healthier path...I feel better because I'm eating clean and I have time throughout the week to work on my business and spend quality time with my loved ones. No more waiting for the weekend to cram these things in. Her program is amazing! Eva showed me step by step what it would take to meal prep for a week and then gave me all the tools and techniques needed to continue this program solo and with minimum guidance. Eva is an expert in saving money, eating healthier and portion control...Thank you Chef Eva for showing me a different way of life!!"

Amanda D.

"I was pregnant with my one and only son at age 36 when I found out I had gestational diabetes. That whole situation rocked my world which ended up being my saving grace to change my life style for the better. It has been a slow and gradual change but thankfully I had my dear friend Ivelise to guide me with many concerns along the way. Ivelise has been my personal friend for over a decade and I have always loved her delicious home made meals and healthy ways she would prepare things. I told her my issues when I was pregnant with me son and that is when she really started sharing ways to change my eating habits. My son is 5 now and very healthy and well thankfully! But because of him I changed and decided this change would go beyond my pregnancy it would stay with me for life! This was a process I knew would have to come with becoming knowledgeable. So I again asked Ivelise for guidance. She referred books for me to read, various recipes, supplements to take, even forms of different holistic medicines to look into. So needless to say I have been very thankful for her love and guidance along the way of my journey into becoming someone who eats plant base. So blessed for this life changing decision!"